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We believe in transparency and full disclosure. Please contact us for any additional clarification that you may require.

How does Chameleon Asset Strategies get paid?

We charge an asset management fee of 2%, billed in monthly increments. We also have a 20% performance incentive which is calculated on a quarterly basis. This means that we participate with you if we are successful in growing your account balance. Your FCM charges a commission for each trade, however we do not participate in those revenues.

For each $100,000 invested with Chameleon, the 2% management fee would be $2,000 for the year

( $100,000 x 2% = $2,000 annually or $166.67 per month )

If there was a 5% return in the quarter, Chameleon would receive an additional $1,000

( $100,000 x 5% = $5,000 x 20% = $1,000 )

All investment bears risk of loss. All investors should carefully consider if this style of management is right for them. Please review our disclosure document   for a complete list of risks and conflicts associated with Chameleon Asset Strategies, LLC.

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