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We combine sophisticated professional trading technology, leveraged futures contracts and proprietary trading algorithms and analysis techniques to deliver in our opinion, a superior investment experience. As with every item on the planet that is bought and sold, there is a price at which it is cheap and expensive, on a relative basis. A gallon of gas at $1 is relatively cheap, at $10 it is very expensive. We aim to be a seller at prices where supply exceeds demand and a buyer at prices where there is an imbalance of demand. We utilize a series of technical indicators in conjunction with price data indicating where large institutions are buying and selling in the markets we trade. When we place orders, we have already identified desired areas to take profits if the trade moves in our favor as well as the area we would like to exit the trade if it doesn’t. We focus on markets with large trading volumes and where possible, avoid holding positions through weekends and times when adverse market movement happens outside of standard trading hours.

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