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I started in the financial services industry 10 years ago with the goal of helping people enjoy financial freedom. I created comprehensive plans and searched for quality investments, however the financial crisis of 2008 was an experience that galvanized my thinking from that point forward. Even the most sophisticated plans can be disrupted by turbulent markets. Real-estate values and stocks plummeted simultaneously; the economy was in turmoil. It was a truly devastating time for most Americans, yet for a select few, it was an incredible opportunity. I became of the opinion that being able to profit from declining prices is essential for both peace of mind and accurate planning. I’ve spent many years evaluating droves of investment managers, products and strategies. Almost all have a catchy story claiming to be doing something very innovative, yet in my opinion, remain exposed to regularly occurring systemic events. My father once told me “son, most lures are designed to catch fisherman, not fish”. In my opinion, many of these financial contraptions seem to be designed to hook investors, not necessarily profits. The last few years of my search have led me to use different instruments and strategies than the traditional world of investment offers. I opted for a paradigm shift away from always being invested and exposed, to patiently waiting for what I feel are good opportunities and capitalizing on them with leverage. By utilizing very nimble, tax efficient vehicles, I seek to take advantage of intra-day market imbalances, while attempting to avoid the long drawn out effects of policy changes and deteriorating economic fundamentals. I invest my own capital alongside of yours, participating in the same trades that I select for investors. Chameleon Asset Strategies represents my best effort to align my interests with those of the people I serve, and deliver on the expectations that I feel they have for an investment manager.

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